The Beginning

Several years ago, I kept a blog up and wrote a lot of different things in it. Within the past few weeks, I’ve thought about bringing it back, but in looking at it all, so much has changed. I felt a fresh fresh start would be better.

So, I’m refocusing things and bringing back this site. I intend, this time, to make this a little more focused on a few things, instead of a lot. This will be my thoughts, with my primary focus being on the way I see leadership, things I’m working through, and spiritual/Christian topics.

In thinking about an audience, I’ve thought about a lot, too. This is first and foremost for me to put my thoughts out. I’m a thinker, and I think a lot of times I don’t spend enough time just writing out my thoughts. So, is the audience me? I don’t know. I do think others might find some topics interesting, but if I would say anything I’m going to focus on it being more for me.

There’s already a few topics I have planned that have been in my head, so they’ll be coming up soon. Thanks for reading!